The Root Cause of the Failure of American COVID-19 Governance Based on the Criticism of Liberal Democracy From Error-Tolerant Democracy

Liberal democracy cannot help America govern COVID-19 effectively for liberalism’s misunderstanding of the
concept of liberty. Error-tolerantism divides liberty into the right to liberty in innovative fields, the right to be
wrong as an original right, and the right to be right in non-innovative ones as sub-rights; rights come from mutual
empowerment among people. The major defects of liberal democracy from the perspective of error-tolerant
democracy constructed on error-tolerantism are as follows: The essence of election is to transfer people’s right to be
wrong and corresponding right to be right to politicians, but the separation and balance of powers does not evaluate
whether presidents, states, mayors, et al., have exercised the power to be wrong reasonably, so that they could even
abuse it in the COVID-19 governance, and did great harm to people’s human rights without any accountability or
impeachment. Democratic governor’ power to be wrong authorized by election was deprived by President Trump
through issuing false information in the COVID-19 governance and encouraging people to protest against the
anti-pandemic laws, which made liberal democracy in the United States threatened and COVID-19 out of control.

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