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Published in the Medical Research Archives
May 2020 Issue

Bioinformatics Bootcamp: A model for training clinical researchers

Published on May 25, 2020




Within the last few decades, there has been a steady decline in physicians conducting research. The U.S.  biomedical workforce is aging which affects improving health care in this country. As they age, we need innovative ways to increase the physician-scientist pool. Along with shortages of under-represented minorities in this field, there is a scarcity of people able to analyze biological data. In an effort to increase the number of under-represented minorities conducting bioinformatics/genomics research, the Human Genome Sequencing Center-Genetics/Genomics Research Education Training (G/GREAT) program created a bioinformatics mini course. The Bioinformatics Bootcamp course offers an opportunity to learn a skill that will increase summer interns’ self-confidence, interest, and proficiency in seeking future computational research opportunities. This study will determine the best training approach to accomplish this goal for the novice (non-experienced) student. We surveyed course instructors to understand their bioinformatics teaching method and G/GREAT interns for their perspectives concerning the course. The results provided value information that guided curriculum design for all future G/GREAT training courses. These outcomes suggest that similar courses aimed at clinicians interested in research could increase physician scientists to begin replacing those about to retire.

Terms: Interns=students=participants, programming=coding, non-experienced=novice.

Author info

Debra Murray, Jennifer Drummond, M.s., Deborah Ritter, Ph.d, Kirt Martin, Ph.d., Lori Banks, Ph.d., Dawayne Whittington

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