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The European Society of Medicine’s scientific resources translate into compelling advocacy messages to inspire change in healthcare policy. The multitude of backgrounds from which our members come allows us to be stronger, speaking with one voice, when advocating for change, and to consider many perspectives and ideas essential to achieve the society’s mission.

Preventing disease requires organized efforts and evidence-based policy options. Analyzing the threats to the health of a population is a difficult challenge which needs multidisciplinary input and careful consideration of the facts.

The European Society of Medicine aims to provide policy recommendations to protect and improve public health within Europe and beyond.

Our Priorities


Call for a new globally equitable vaccine strategy

An open letter to the World Health Organization

Addressing the highly unequal distribution of vaccines is critically important to putting an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine-sharing initiative COVAX was supposed to serve as a lifeline for many countries in the developing world but is failing to deliver even 25% of the doses expected. The time has come to take action to ensure a sustainable vaccine supply across the globe.

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Featured Research

A New Model for Predicting Infectious Disease Outbreaks

This project integrated tools and hybrid methodologies historically used for early warning, intelligence, counter space, public health, informatics, and medical surveillance applications. A multidiscipline team assembled and explored non-medical prediction and analytical techniques that successfully predict critical events for low probability but high-regret national and global scenarios. 

Peter Demitry, MD, MPH – National Foundation for Integrative Medicine (NFIM)
Darren McKnight, PhD – Centauri
Erin Dale, MS – Centauri
Elizabeth Bartlett, BS – Centauri

For the latest COVID-19 information please visit our COVID-19 Center.

Cancer Care

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and is responsible for approximately 10 million deaths annually. ESMED hopes to reduce the burden of cancer by helping to shape healthcare policy in three key areas:

  • Prevention strategies
  • Early detection
  • Treatment

Featured Research

Working Towards Universal Implementation of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination should be included in national immunization programs, as part of a comprehensive approach to cervical cancer prevention and control. The practical aspects of vaccine uptake are now the most important issue in HPV vaccine research from a public-health perspective.  Increasing uptake, specifically in regions where disease burden is highest, will require thoughtful consideration of cost-effectiveness, innovative financing mechanisms, novel approaches to vaccine vehicle delivery and public acceptance. 

Annekathryn Goodman & Naima Joseph – Harvard University School of Medicine

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