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Unusual twins: with complete molar pregnancy.

ACHOUR Radhouane

Emergency Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of medicine of Tunis-El Manar University Tunis-Tunisia

Twin pregnancy with both complete hydatiform mole and coexistent alive fetus: Manangment and Prognosis Radhouane ACHOUR, Nadia Lamiri, Mehdi FARHATI, Rim Ben Hmid Emergency Department of Maternity and Neonatology Center, Tunis, Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, El-Manar University Tunis-Tunisia Introduction: Twin pregnancy consisting of a complete hydatidiform mole coexisting with a live fetus (CHMCF) is a rare condition with an incidence of 1 in 22000 to 1 in 100000 pregnancies.
Case report: In 2015 we reported a case of complete hydatidiform mole with a healthy female neonate weighing 2270 g born by a normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. Discussion: Although a CHMCF is described in the literature, clinical information is limited and is associated with a high risk of many serious complications such as preeclampsia, antepartum hemorrhage, trophoblastic embolism, fetal death, and even a malignant change of this trophoblastic tissue. Management of multiple pregnancies with a CHMCF still remains uncertain, In the past, most CHMF gestations were terminated immediately following diagnosis because of poor information concerning clinical features and natural history. Conclusion: from the results of our case, we carefully suggest that in a CHMCF with a normal karyotype and no gross abnormalities on sonography, pregnancy may be continued as long as maternal complications are absent or, if present, controllable.

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