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Chief Security Strategist

It appears that the world is currently experiencing a set of concurrent political, economic, medical, and cyber crises – and not surprisingly, they are all related and influence each other. This session will analyze the relationships specific interactions between the COVID-19 pandemic and cybersecurity. We will discuss a variety of aspects, including how cyber adversaries used the crisis to their advantage but also how cyber incidents impacted our public health response. Further, we will take a look in the future and present a number of lessons learned, but also how our healthcare system will need to prepare for future crises.

The speaker is a 12-year cybersecurity veteran with exclusive focus on the healthcare and public health space and its unique set of cyber risks. The session is specifically designed for a non-technical audience is developed to help healthcare clinical and administrative stakeholders improve their understanding of cybersecurity and enable them to include cyber risk considerations in their future decision making.

Specific topics covered:
– How cyber adversaries used COVID-19 to their advantage
– How cyber risks impacted our pandemic response
– Impact of cyber events on care delivery and quality
– A new paradigm for healthcare: blended threat scenarios
– Cybersecurity learnings from the past 2 years
– Commonalities between a biological and cyber pathogens