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Discovery of COVID-19 Vaccine by Using Acaciades as a Phytomedicine Improving Science and Technology Communication Applications- An Ideas

The most-infectious-fast-spreading-‘Omicron-SARS-CoV-2, a new variant, hard-to-track, and the-cases-have-for-the first-time passed one-million per day on an average opening-a-new-chapter in the COVID-19-pandemic that has affected-our-lives-economy-education, and the highest-number-of-Covid-19-deaths due to lack-of-vaccines and we-are-now-gasping-for-air. It is an urgent need, “The-Universal-Coronavirus-Vaccines / The-Booster-Vaccine / The-God-Particle-Vaccine”. The spread of novel pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, is now likely to become puzzled for the leaping from animals to humans of fifth endemic coronavirus or ‘Omicron’, may collapse or change human civilizations, and the world economy as well as communities. Though
needs, lockdown badly affects our economic growth down to 2.5 % in India and 2.2 % of the world. In current situations, no
antiviral drugs are to treat COVID-19 coronaviruses. To move forward, it will require new and more efficient solutions, science and
technology applications, products, and it has to fulfill all requirements. Present pretreatment- investigations have revealed that
Acaciasides (A&B) prepared from the funicles of Acacia auriculiformis A. Cunn., may use as potential phytomedicine against various
pathogens like root-knot-, leaf spot-, powdery mildew-, mosaic- and tukra- diseases of mulberry by inducing their natural defense
response. And it is reported that the saponins of Acaciaside are being used traditionally to overcome various medical complications
like sore eyes, aches, rheumatism, allergy, itching, and rashes, etc. And it has also been reported that many pharmacological activities
like central nervous system depressant activity, antioxidant, antimicrobial, antimalarial, antifilarial, anticestodals, antimutagenic,
antihelmintic, chemopreventive, spermicidal, wound healing, hepatoprotective and antidiabetic activity due to its low toxicity and
high efficacy at very low dose. Recently there is no effective treatment against COVID-19. So, the effect of the virus is likely to be
seen long after medical science offers a cure or at least a vaccine for COVID-19. To overcome the situation, two ideas for the discovery
of ‘Vaccine’ or ‘Treatment’ by using biomedicines;-Acaciasides as a Phytomedicine, which may kill the COVID-19 by boosting our
the immune system and the whole world may retain in normal forms by fighting against these wars. And in the future, this will be the most-effective ‘Future-Booster-Ginger MT-Biomedical-Vaccines’ for its; extremely-ultra-low-doses, popular and regular use as traditional-medicines, easily tackle many diseases and complications, use in different pharmacological medicines preparation, extremely low-toxicity, and potential efficacy, many potential different phytochemicals in a diverse range, eco-friendly-side effects-free, cost-effective, easily prepare-able, easily-available, easily-manufacture-able, easily-equitable, easily-marketable and easily-supply-able, etc. and develop the best quality biomedical and life-scientific information on all aspects of pharmacology and its analytical nanoparticles studies or proper side-effects free effective medicines or drugs also. And the world will retain in previous forms.