“Intimate Partner Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury: Moving Forward

European Society of Medicine
2022 ESMED General Assembly

“Intimate Partner Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury: Moving Forward”

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an outcome of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) that is generally not assessed in medical settings and is unrecognized and untreated in the community. It is estimated that the number of women experiencing TBI secondary to IPV exceeds the number of TBIs experienced by military personnel and athletes combined. Additionally, many women will experience strangulation from partner-inflicted violence. The direst of the consequences of partner inflicted violence is femicide. Cognitive, mental health and physical difficulties are immediate outcomes. Neurological insult may be implicated in long-term difficulties.
Population studies and longitudinal data are sorely needed to address the short and long-term needs for these women.
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