IoT Technologies and Covid-19: How wearable and distributed IoT technologies help out with discovering, diagnostics, treatment and further tracking of cases in Covid-19 and similar pandemics situations?

In this presentation we particularly discuss the contributions of the smart IoT devices in assisting with diagnosis, throughout the quarantine phase, and during vaccination or post-recovery phases as briefly discussed below.
• Assisting in diagnosis: IoT devices can speed up the detection process by capturing information from the patients. This can be implemented by capturing body temperatures using different devices, taking samples from suspicious cases, and so on.
• Assistance during the quarantine time: when a patient is diagnosed with COVID-19, then isolation is necessary for some time. IoT devices are able to monitor patients remotely with respect to their treatments and stay at home orders by the authorities, and also cleaning areas without human interactions such as the implementation of tracking wearable bands, disinfecting devices, etc.
• Assistance for vaccination and post recovery phases: periodic tracking the status of the vaccinated or recovered person can be easily done through IoT devices. Moreover, reminders can be sent regarding vaccination, social distancing, etc. when necessary.

Moreover, utilization of the IoT devices for above purposes are summarized and presented.

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