Overview of the patient autonomy related issues challenging the healthcare providers during pandemic management; A study evoked during COVID-19 pandemic

During pandemics, many exceptional regulations are planned to facilitate risk management and ensure the safety of the whole community. These exceptional practices during the pandemic situation may evoke some issues with ethical debate. There would be some limitations to the patient’s rights and confidentiality during pandemics. There are many issues in which the healthcare provider should balance between ethical practice and the safety of the whole community. This research aims to highlight and discuss the ethical concerns that may be faced during pandemic management in a trial to find out the most appropriate practice in such times. To answer these dilemmas, literature was reviewed and discussed against the ethical codes. It is concluded that during a pandemic there are specific situational regulations and guidelines to be followed to combat the rapid infection dissemination while maintaining professionalism and satisfaction to both public as well to healthcare-providers. In conclusion, this study believes that there must be a mutual understanding between these two parties that could be mediated by the legislative body or authorities to obtain the most effectiveness of the healthcare system for combating pandemic.

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