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Psychological hardiness and its relationship to health awareness Among Kurdish people in Kurdistan Region during the pandemic of Covid-19

Background: Iraq and the Kurdistan region was affected by the epidemic of covid-19 which gradually led to a lockdown in March and April and a wide-spread disruption of people’s life and activates. Objective: In this study, the researcher investigated psychological hardiness and its relation to health awareness among citizens of the Kurdistan region during the Corona epidemic. Methods: Across sectional design quantitative survey that was achieved online from 1 to 18 April 2020 after two months lockdown in Kurdistan region for COVID-19. The survey was conducted two months after that the Covid-19 started in the Kurdistan region. A questionnaire consist of 25 questions was prepared to measure psychological hardiness. Results: The researcher observed a low level of psychological hardiness, because of the pandemic of Covid-19It has shown the non-significant association between psychological hardiness and health awareness also identified several significant factors associated with this psychological hardiness and health awareness. Conclusion: The study showed that the psychological hardiness of the citizens of the Kurdistan region is at a low level during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results can contribute to further research to investigate the effect of the pandemic on the public`s association of psychological hardiness with health awareness.

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