Social issues faced by cancer patients during Covid-19 pandemic in India

Cancer or Covid-19, Who is the bigger Killer? This question is one which took root in 2020 and is still prevailing. More than 2.25 million people in India were suffering with cancer in 2018. Cancer is a disease which does not just affect the patients, but also devastates the family. The psychosocial issues faced due to cancer are immense. With Covid-19, the vulnerability of cancer patients has increased and their immune system is taking a toll due to the double attack on their bodies. When the pandemic brought India to a standstill, the plight of cancer patients, especially those in the low‐income group increased multifold. Here we look at the psychosocial issues faced from financial crunch, infrastructure collapse, logistical issues, scheduling appointments for treatment, accommodation, emotional trauma, mental health, distress and many more. The burden of this is mostly on the health‐care systems. In these uncertain times, nonprofit organizations like Gunvat Jagan Nath Kapoor Foundation and various others played a vital role in keeping the connection between the patients and health care system alive. Various digital models and other strategies proved a boon and in working in concert with hospitals, patients were helped in the best possible way. A serious discussion needs to be in the works where all stakeholders work in concert to create a roadmap for such pandemics/adversaries ahead and develop a risk management plan, so that when next a pandemic/adverse event occurs treatment of cancer care or any other devastating disease does not come to a standstill

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