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Suspected cases of COVID-19 with negative RT-PCR treated in an isolation center in Las Tunas

Background: suspected cases of COVID-19 are admitted to isolation centers of Las Tunas for study and
treatment, but their characteristics are unknown.
Objective: to characterize the suspected cases of COVID-19 admitted to Los Cocos isolation center of Las
Tunas, from March 25 to May 24, 2020.
Methods: a descriptive, observational and cross-sectional study was carried out with a study population of
114 suspected cases of COVID-19 with negative RT-PCR. The following variables were assessed: age, sex,
epidemiological history, district of origin, past medical history, signs and symptoms, day of sample taking
after the onset of symptoms, and diagnosis at discharge.
Results: the 19 to 30 age group (25.43 %) and males (51.75 %) were discreetly more frequent; 76.31 %
were between 19 and 60 years. Being a contact with a suspected case (26.31 %) followed by being a national
traveler (22.8 %) were the most epidemiological and origin histories. A past medical history of having a good
health prevailed. The most frequent signs and symptoms were: cough (57.89 %), temperature lower then
37˚C (50.87 %), heart rate of 81-90 bpm (44.73 %), respiratory rate of 18 breaths per minute (36.84 %),
normotension (76.31 %) and dry rales (16.66 %). Common flu was the most frequent diagnosis (46.49 %).
Conclusions: the suspected cases were mostly adult, with a history of good health and mild
symptomatology. At discharge other diseases were diagnosed, mainly common flu.

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