Vulnerabilities in soil fertilization management

Agricultural practices affect the bioclimatic system, the soil being seriously affected in the case of unproductive practices of consuming excess chemical fertilizers. But in most cases today we face an avalanche of information that shows that the sale of fertilizers inevitably leads to their consumption, or vulnerabilities in the processing of information could indicate a conduct of agricultural practices in agriculture especially in applying less organic practices. . Environmental issues have global dimensions, but some results have local specificities, such as depletion of biodiversity (species, ecosystems, biodiversity) due to lack of interest or negligence.
The tendency to argue that the vulnerabilities of agricultural practices, although they exist, cannot be avoided leads to evasive indicators that show that in practice atypical forms of circumvention can occur. For example, plant pests may be subject to further investigation at any time, so it is good to understand and clarify issues such as increasing the consumption of a particular protection product in a certain form and it will be less relevant how the production of materials is simulated. prime.
According to the zero pollution hierarchy, soil remediation should be the last resort, when the prevention, minimization and control of the source of pollution has failed and when contaminants have been able to reach the soil and pose risks to the environment and human health.

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