ESMED Congress 2021 - Virtual Presentations

Advancements in Diabetes

Prof. Igor Frangez

The effect of transcutaneous application of gaseous CO2 on diabetic chronic wound healing

Lutz Heinemann

Digital Tools in Diabetes Care

Lutz Heinemann

Digital Tools in Diabetes Care

Rok Schara

Periodontal disease in patients with diabetes mellitus

Silvia Rodrigo Garcia

Advancements in Medical Education

Haider Merchant

An Evaluation of Educational interventions Aimed at Preparing Medical Students for Discharge Summary Writing: A rapid Review of the Literature

Haider Merchant

An Evaluation of Educational interventions Aimed at Preparing Medical Students for Discharge Summary Writing: A rapid Review of the Literature

Haider Merchant

An Evaluation of Educational interventions Aimed at Preparing Medical Students for Discharge Summary Writing: A rapid Review of the Literature

Helena Schluchter

Sex and gender-aware medical education essential or just nice-to-have?

Margaret Liu

COVID-19: Immunological Responses Generated by Vaccines Against Viral Mutants

Margaret Liu

COVID-19: Immunological Responses Generated by Vaccines Against Viral Mutants

Tom Clarijs

Education and training in radiation protection for nurses

Sissel Eikeland Husebø

Reflection on simulation ESMED

Sissel Eikeland Husebø

Reflection on simulation ESMED

Thomas Yuen

Cognitive Biases: the final frontier in patient safety and trainee education

Advancements in Medical Genetics

Carmen Espinos

Genetics of Wilson’s disease and Wilson-like phenotypes

Mike Shell presentation FINAL

European Society of Medicine General Assembly


Zaher Jabbour

Interaction between Medicine & Dentistry

Infectious Disease

Carla Espiney Amaro

Malignant (Necrotizing) External otitis – the experience of single hyperbaric center

Elaine Tuomanen

Rewiring fetal neurodevelopment bacterial cell wall components

Julie Ledford

Angiotensin (Ang-1-7) Protects Against overzealous pulmonary inflammation during mycoplasma pneumoniae infection while promoting pathogen clearance

Mark Redell

Bridging Knowledge Gap: Real-world evidence studies in the treatment of bacterial infections

Keynote Presentations

Dr. Sejie

The Core Of Healthcare Education

Mental Health

Amanda Perry

Co-production of a problem support mentor scheme

Next Generation Neurology

Charles Szabo

The Epileptic Baboon: How “Good” a Model is it for Genetic Generalized Epilepsy?

Emel Koseoglu

The place of Mental Homeostatic Therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease: Preclinical & Clinical Studies

Fang-Chia Chang

The role of interleukin-1 (IL-1) signal in epilepsy & epilepsy-induced sleep disruptions

Flechl Birgit

Meningioma who I with involvement of the optical structures- does proton therapy lead to changes in subjective visual performance?

Mauricio Concha

An 18 months single center observational study of real-world use of andexnet alfa in patients with factor Xa inhibitor associated intracranial hemorrhage

Nicole Deglon

Cell type specific signatures in the brain and the development of selective and restrictive expression systems to treat CNS pathologies

Nursing & Healthcare Management

Anna Essen

Regulating Health Apps: An International Comparison of 7 Countries Approaches

Bruce Hall

Reliably Assessing Surgeon Performance Quality on Clinical Outcomes

Elba Zurdo

Patient Self-determination Act: are we achieving patient expectancies?

Moisés Henriques

Low Back Pain in Hospital Nurses Aides

Nutrition & Food Science

Antonio Martins Figueiredo Neto

Does the green-banana biomass consumption improve the functionality of the low-density lipoprotein in plasma of diabetic patients?


Marianne Greil-Soyka

The Importance of Sexual Medicine

Michelle Morais

Building Stronger Teams & Enhancing Patient Safety in Obstetrics through in situ simulation

Ophthalmology & Optometry

Brian McKay

Decoding race & AMD GPR143 activity is the key

Kathryn Burdon

Why do kids get cataract? Fishing in the genome for answers

Murray Johnstone

OCT sheds light on pulsatile trabecular meshwork motion abnormalities & intraocular pressure in glucoma


Mengshi Li

The effect of parental separation on arlydevelopment of left-behind children in rural china

Preventative Medicine

Mark Newman

Design of a universal SARS-Cov-2 Vaccine effective against evolving variants

Psychology & Psychiatry

Alejandra Monserrat Rodríguez

Neuroimaging genetics of mood stabilizers in bipolar disorders

Public Health

Donald Rucker
Frederique Tesson

How far are we from using genotype to help predict weight loss?

HeyJean Lee

Health information use on the internet & channels of health information in the consumer’s view

Silvia Haneklaus

Diet controls uranium intake & aggravates health hazards


Kristel Weerdesteijn

Work related functioning among long term sick-listed workers with persistent subjective health complaints

Quianta Moore

Health Equity in Mental Health


Kwua-Yun Wang

Disease Trajectory & Health Outcomes: COPD as an Example

Toshinori Nakayama

Memory type pathogenic Th2(Tpath) cells in airway inflammation

Yukio Nagasaka

Lung sounds in asthma from wheezes to breath sounds


Seung Hyup Kim

Nutcracker Syndrome: prevalence & practical imaging diagnosis

The Future of Pharmacology

Betty Tyler

Drug Delivery & Drug Repurposing for Brain Tumor Therapy

Jeremy Tian

Introducing new paradigm of evid ence-based research to studying alternative medicine

Katsuya Nagai

Olfactory stimulations with grapefruit & lavender oils changes autonomic nerve activity & physiological phenomena

Marc Grynpas

Conjugated Drugs in the Treatment of osteoporosis & other bone diseases

Terri-ann Thompson

Building the evidence for tclchcalth use in family planning

Todd Miller

Therapeutically targeting metabolic vulnerabilities in ER+ breast cancer

The Future of Surgery

Paula Caldinhas

A study on HRH mobility and effect son health organizations performance(|||)

Shigehito Kuroda

Arthroscopic Tran osseous Suture without implant for Rotator Cuff Tears -ATOS-

Ya Fang Wu

The impact of transverse components on Multi-strand Flexor Tendon Repairs

Trends in Cardiology

Rosanna Falbo

Development of an algorithm for ruling-out-non-ST elevation myocardial infarction in the emergency department using high sensitivity troponin T assay

Trends in Internal Medicine

Annie Heiderscheit

Patient directed music listening to man age complex symptoms of critically & mechanically ventilated patients.

Trends in Oncology

Lina Vieira

Anxiety experienced by oncological patients who perform 18F-FDG PET/CT

Rebecca Morris - Bone Marrow Cells

Bone marrow cells & the initiation & promotions of skin tumors

Waliszewski Przemyslaw

Complexity, Diversity & Homogeneity measures in the evaluation of tumor aggressiveness in prostate cancer

Željka Večerić

The dangers of stem cell tourism

Poster Presentations

HRQoL In Patients with COVID-19 of the Red Zone of the Hospital

By Denis N. Protsenko et al.

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