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The European Society of Medicine is excited introduce ESMED Live, a new platform of member-created events focused around online communities of like-minded doctors.

Unlike traditional events, ESMED Live lets speakers share their knowledge on their own terms. Members have complete control over the date and time of the meeting, the agenda, and the format. 

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How to create an event on ESMED Live

Creating an event or presentation on ESMED Live is an easy process which takes less than ten minutes. After your event is posted it will be announced to all members of the society. The web conferencing software works in all major web browsers and requires no downloads or special skills.

After logging in to your account, a new menu item labelled Member Area will appear on the top navigation bar. From this menu you will be able to create a new event or view a list of your existing events. You can always go back and edit the event later if you need to make a change.

How to join an event on ESMED Live

First, please login to your member account. Every ESMED Live event page has a Join button at the bottom. To join an event, simply click this button.

Note: An event’s start time must be within the next 10 minutes in order for the Join button to work. If you click the button more than 10 minutes prior to the event you will  be taken to a test room where you may test your connection and familiarize yourself with the software.