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COVID-19 Session

COVID-19 Session Presentations

SpeakerPresentation   Title
Ozlem EquilsThe Role of the Thymus in COVID-19 Disease Severity: Implications for Antibody Treatment and Immunization
Ravindra GaneshPROMIS   scales for assessment of the impact of post-COVID syndrom
David WeberPostacute   Sequelae of COVID-19 Infection and Development of a Physiatry-Led Recovery   Clinic
Davidovitch NitzaThe   COVID-19 Period: A Crisis for on-Site Learning or an Opportunity for Optimal   Distance Learning? Examination of Student Attitudes
David AltschulNeurologic   Syndromes Predict Higher In-Hospital Mortality in COVID-19
Jordana BessaBreast   imaging hindered during covid-19 pandemic, in Brazil
Kinjal SolankiCurrent   Status of COVID-19 Vaccines
Rajasekaran SubramanianAutomatic   Identification of Covid-19 regions on CT-images using Deep Learning
Bobby HerreraValidating   and modeling the impact of high-frequency rapid antigen screening on COVID2   19 spread and outcomes
Dermot CoxTargeting   SARS-CoV-2-Platelet Interactions in COVID-19 and Vaccine-Related Thrombosis
Angelica BaptistaCOVID-19   Remote Consultation Services and Population in Health Inequity-Concentrating   Territories: A Scoping Review
Jesha MundodanCan   the cycle threshold (Ct) value of RT-PCR test for SARS CoV2 predict   infectivity among close contacts?
Paavani AtluriCOVID-19   Encephalopathy in Adults
Nina DalknerThe psychological response of the COVID-19 pandemic in psychiatric patients
Khulood AlfalasiThe   Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Undergraduate Students’ Stress and   Anxiety in a University in the UAE
Zhijun LiuSleep   of preschoolers during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak
Anuradha YadavTeachers’Äô   Perception about Flipped Classroom in Era of COVID-19 Pandemic
Wanli TanSchool   closures were over-weighted against the mitigation of COVID-19 transmission
Satya PaulVulnerability   and the resilience against covid-19 in India
Jin-Ho ChoyNiclosamide   encapsulated in mesoporous silica and geopolymer: A potential oral   formulation for COVID-19
Birgitta Dresp-LangleyPixel   precise unsupervised detection of viral particle proliferation in cellular   imaging data
Nicolò MarchesiniHow   are you? A sociological perspective of Covid -19 pandemic from women   scientists in Italy
Marina Sanchez PerezMass   testing after a single suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in London care   homes, April–May 2020: implications for policy and practice
Christopher PereiraThe   Association Between Antibody Response to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome   Coronavirus 2 Infection and Post–COVID-19 Syndrome in Healthcare Workers
Vijaykumar RajputLooking   into the future of clinical skills assessment in undergraduate medical   education during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ahmad Sahraei JuybariSocio-economic   Changes of Cities During Covid-19, Case study: Dortmund City Center
Rebeca Campi CaballeroImmunothrombosis   in COVID-19: Implications of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps
Sara TomassettiA   Multidisciplinary Multicenter Study Evaluating Risk Factors, Prevalence and   Characteristics of Post-COVID-19 Interstitial Lung Syndrome PCOILS
Julia PuaschunderEconomic   Growth in Times of Pandemics
Lili WangTowards   Quantitative and Standardized Serological and Neutralization Assays for   COVID-19
Liz ObrienPhysical   Activity Supporting Connection to Nature, and Helping to Maintain Wellbeing   during the Covid-19 Restrictions in England
Łucja Kobroń-GąsiorowskaCOVID-19   pandemic, censorship and Labour Law protection in Poland – selected issues
George J. AnnasStandard   Racism: Trying to Use “Crisis Standards of Care” in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Alex BebinThe   Impact of the COVID-19 2020 Pandemic on Hospital Length of Stay Following   Fragility Hip Fracture Surgery
Sónia GalinhaCovid-19   period and competences in higher education- study on cooperation and   assertivity
Kirstie Lynn DobbsFalling   Flat? The impact of state legitimacy, capacity, and political trust on   flattening the curve of COVID-19
Steve GardnerCombinatorial   analysis of phenotypic and clinical risk factors associated with hospitalized   COVID-19 patients
Saverio BettuzziEfficacy   of a Polyphenolic, Standardized Green Tea Extract for the Treatment of   COVID-19 Syndrome: A Proof-of-Principle Study
Ioannis GriveasCOVID-19   infection in patients receiving hemodialysis in Athens: findings, experience,   outcome from a single Dialysis Unit
Shoukuan MuDispositional   mindfulness mediates the relationship between conscientiousness and mental   health-related issues in adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic
Thomas GargotPreventing   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the general population induced by trauma   during the COVID pandemic: A simple brief intervention based on cognitive   science that could be delivered digitally
Carmit SatranStress   and perceived discrimination among the Arab population in Israel: the   mediation role of the perceived COVID-19 threat and trust in the healthcare   system
Felipe Lopes & Adolfo FernandesDescriptive   analysis in the COVID -19 database after one year of the pandemic disease in   indigenous patients from the State of Acre
Mohamad Hafiz Mohamad HassimWALANT,   a Potion & Solution to a Global Halt of Cases Requiring General   Anaesthesia during Covid-19 Pandemic; Surgeon’s Dilemma Resolved
Baruch BarzelAn   alternating lock-down strategy for sustainable mitigation of COVID-19
Fabio MedasThe   THYCOVIT (Thyroid Surgery during COVID‑19 pandemic in Italy) study: results   from a nationwide, multicentric, case‑controlled study
Zia MaharajPain   and function deteriorate in patients awaiting total joint arthroplasty that   has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Siti MaemunahInfluence   of epidemic COVID–19 on business strategy, information technology and supply   chain agility to firm performance in medical device industry
Sofiia LahutinaPreventing   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the general population induced by trauma   during the COVID pandemic: A simple brief intervention based on cognitive   science that could be delivered digitally
Dawn ThilmanyLocal   Food Supply Chain Dynamics and Resilience during COVID-19
Andrea Bahiastayathome?:   Increased children’s emotion regulation in covid-19 pandemic
Samuel R FriedmanBig   Events and Drug Overdose Mortality: How major pandemics, economic changes and   political transitions affect overdose epidemics
Calogero RinzivilloA new Fractal Model in Epidemiology (FraME) obtains better fitting time-trends of the pandemic due to SARS-CoV-2. A fractal study of the virus (and of its interactions with host) can also improve diagnosis and cure.
Xiaohong TianThe   Root Cause of the Failure of American COVID-19 Governance Based on the   Criticism of Liberal Democracy From Error-Tolerant Democracy
Takashi OhueMental   health of nurses involved with COVID-19 patients in Japan, intention to   resign, and influencing factors
Nirjari DalalImpact   of Covid-19 on psychosocial issues faced by cancer patients in India
Joào Frederico da Costa Azevedo MeyerTo   what extent Africa can limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Jose-Luis SagripantiEstimated   Inactivation of Coronaviruses by Solar Radiation With Special Reference to   COVID-19
Jessica PolesePulmonary   function evaluation after hospital discharge of patients with severe COVID-19
Rodolfo Alvarez ZambranoAn   alternative approach to COVID-19: the potential language of SARS-CoV-2
Nazanin KhademApplication   of deep learning technique to manage COVID-19 in routine clinical practice   using CT images: Results of 10 convolutional neural networks
Divya BharathiImpact   of Covid-19 Pandemic on Indian Services Sector
Arabella WarrenPulmonary   Vascular and Right Ventricular Burden During Exercise in Interstitial Lung   Disease
Arkaitz Castaneda BabarroImpact   of COVID-19 confinement on the time and intensity of physical activity in the   Spanish population
Yasuharu TokudaEffect   of Climate on COVID-19 incidence: a Cross-sectional Study in Japan
Luiz Montes do AmaralRemote   care in PHC – cell phone use experience in a Family Health team in a slum   area during the COVID-19 crisis
Allison KrugYouth   ice hockey COVID-19 protocols and prevention of sport-related transmission
Shankar LeVineCase   Report: The First Case of COVID-19 in Bhutan
Nerantzoula Goutsiou 
Vladimir AristovSimulation   of Spatial Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Basis of the   Kinetic-Advection Model
Christopher TignanelliAntihypertensive   drugs and risk of COVID-19
Carla Gramaglia & Patrizia ZeppegnoMental Health Impact Of COVID-19: Experiences from Healthcare Workers, Caregivers And Inpatients.
Tzvi DwolatzkyIf   Not Now, When? the Role of Geriatric Leadership as Covid-19 Brings the World   to Its Knees
Robert DruryGlobal   Public Health Practice and Policy: Learning Lessons from the COVID 19
Macaulay OnuigboTimed   Controlled Repeated Rotation of the CAR-170-C NXSTAGE Chronic Cartridge   Hemodialysis Filter: A Novel Approach to Enabling Heparin-Free Frequent Daily   Home Hemodialysis
Florence LeCrawRapid   adoption of resilience strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic
Min Thein WinCrisis   or Opportunity? A Phenomenological Study of the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic   on Final Year Medical Students
Dipu T SWaiting   for Godot: A cross sectional survey based analysis of the hydroxychloroquine   prophylaxis strategy against COVID-19 in India
Victoria ChenAn   Optimization Framework to Study the Balance Between Expected Fatalities due   to COVID-19 and the Reopening of U.S. Communities
Tulio Eduardo RodriguesMonte   Carlo approach to model COVID-19 deaths and infections using Gompertz   functions
William SuarezCovid   19 – Limiting and Managing Risk in a Physiotherapy School
Aman RajpalFactors   leading to high morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 in patients with type 2   diabetes
Leon MargolinReview   of Formulations and Methods for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 and   other Viral Infections
Neha SharmaA Community-Based Participatory Research to   Assess the Feasibility of Ayurveda Intervention in Patients with   Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19
Pei SunLongitudinal   Trajectories of Psychopathology and Resilience Following COVID-19 Lockdowns   in China
Samir SafiA   hybrid of artificial neural network, exponential smoothing, and ARIMA models   for COVID-19 time series forecasting
C. Virginia O’HayerBuilding   a Life Worth Living During a Pandemic and Beyond: Adaptations of   Comprehensive DBT to COVID-19
Arndt BüssingDynamics   of Perceived Positive Changes and Indicators of Well-Being Within Different   Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Catherine GiessSelf-reported   Burnout: Comparison of Radiologists to Nonradiologist Peers at a Large   Academic Medical Center
Smita AwasthiTransitioning   ABA Services From in Clinic to Telehealth: Case Study of an Indian   Organization‚Äôs Response to COVID-19 Lockdown
Iris ManorThe   Association between ADHD and the Severity of COVID-19 Infection
Thomas McMasterTelemedicine   Application & Innovation in Surgical Outpatient Clinics During &   Beyond COVID-19
Linda Desens & Denise ScannellCOVID-19   Vaccine Discourse on Twitter: A Content Analysis of Persuasion Techniques,   Sentiment and Mis/Disinformation
Enrique Moreno PerezActive   Versus Passive Flow Control in UVC FILTERs for COVID-19 Containment
Tehila RefaeliFinancial   Strain and Loneliness among Young Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The   Role of Psychosocial Resources
JinHui TaoSex-Related   Overactivation of NLRP3 Inflammasome Increases Lethality of the Male COVID-19
Nikhitha MantriCOVID-19   Vaccine Failure in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis on Ocrelizumab
Angelos HalarisElevated   salivary cortisol predicts response to adjunctive immune modulation in   treatment-resistant bipolar depression
Emad AllamHeterotopic   ossification post COVID-19: Report of two cases
Claudia TraunmüllerResilience   moderates the relationship between the psychological impact of COVID-19 and   anxiety
Jane AgergaardPersistent   Symptoms in Patients Recovering From COVID-19 in Denmark
Susan GilesRapid   Evidence Assessment of Mental Health Outcomes of Pandemics for Health Care   Workers: Implications for the Covid-19 Pandemic
Lasko BasnarkovNon-Markovian   epidemic spreading models
Valsamma EapenE-mental   health in child psychiatry during COVID-19: an initial attitudinal study
DeLisa FairweatherCOVID-19   Convalescent Plasma Is More than Neutralizing Antibodies: A Narrative Review   of Potential Beneficial and Detrimental Co-Factors
Jay KollsEndothelial   cell infection and dysfunction, immune activation in severe COVID-21
Shaghayegh RahmaniPregnancy   and Childbirth During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Series and Review of   Literature
Elizabeth DoneBalancing   pressures for SENCos as managers, leaders and advocates in the emerging   context of the Covid-19 pandemic
Peter SabakaRole   of interleukin 6 as a predictive factor for a severe course of Covid-19:   retrospective data analysis of patients from a long-term care facility during   Covid-19 outbreak
Naim MahroumSystematic   Review and Meta-Analysis of Tocilizumab Therapy Versus Standard of Care in   over 15,000 COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients during the First Eight Months of the   Pandemic
Sejuti RahmanDeep   Learning–Driven Automated Detection of COVID-19 from Radiography Images: a   Comparative Analysis
Amal HasanCellular   and Humoral Immune Responses in Covid-19 and Immunotherapeutic Approaches
Shapour JaberzadehShort-term   research projects in cognitive neuroscience for undergraduate students: a   contingency plan to maintain quality teaching during COVID-19 pandemic
John ShepardAuthors   response: Health care-associated infections: Significant challenge and it’s   to-be
Sandra WainwrightHyperbaric   Oxygen Therapy For Hospitalized COVID19 Patients With Moderate To Severe   Hypoxia
Thu Thi Xuan Nguyenvaluating   associations between area-level Twitter-expressed negative racial sentiment,   hate crimes, and residents’ racial prejudice in the United States
Brian E GlassmanMultidimensional   Hardship in the U.S. during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Abd HigaziAlpha-defensins:   risk factor for thrombosis in COVID-19 infection
Felicia Mata-GreveMental   Health and the Perceived Usability of Digital Mental Health Tools Among   Essential Workers and People Unemployed Due to COVID-19: Cross-sectional   Survey Study
Andrey GerasimovEstimation   of the probability of daily fluctuations of incidence of COVID-19 according   to official data
John Schofield‚ÄòCOVID   waste‚Äô and social media as method: an archaeology of personal protective   equipment and its contribution to policy
Bethany Christine BirkeloComparison   of COVID-19 versus influenza on the incidence, features, and recovery from   acute kidney injury in hospitalized United States Veterans
Dominique VannesteI   Could Not Manage This Long-Term, Absolutely Not.” Aging in Place, Informal   Care, COVID-19, and the Neighborhood in Flanders (Belgium)
Nadia BoudjenahDiabetic   Foot in Algeria: Gangrene of the Extremities during Covid 19
Michael KinzelCOVID-19   Transmission Mitigation: From classroom safety to human physiology and   control
Ulrike ElsdörferHE   ART OF ACHIEVING WHOLENESS: Adult-Learning in Presence and Listening   Intercultural Encounter in Healthcare and Counselling before and during   Covid-19
Xavier PombarConscious   prone positioning in a pregnant patient with COVID-19 respiratory distress: A   case report and review
Monica ReIsolated   systems towards a dancing constellation: coping with the Covid-19 lockdown   through a pilot dance movement therapy tele-intervention
Elizabeth AustinResilience   in the Storm: Impacts of Changed Daily Lifestyles on Mental Health in Persons   with Chronic Illnesses under the COVID-19 Pandemic
Frances EdwardsSheltering   the Homeless during COVID-19 in San Jose, California
Richard AloPharmacological   Effects of Selected Medicinal Plants and Vitamins Against COVID-19
Dederieke FestenDetermining   Frailty in People With Intellectual Disabilities in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Shyamala AnandImpact of COVID-19 on persons with Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs): Observations from integrated WASH and NTDs projects in India
Hagiu Bogdan-AlexandruBiochemical mechanisms by which exercise can prevent severe forms of COVID-19 – statistical evidence
Jan PenBoosting effect of Intravenous Magnesium-Vitamins-Amino-acid combination
or oral nutrients in the treatment of Post Covid Fatigue and Chronic
Fatigue syndrome

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