Endocrinology Session

Endocrinology Session Presentations

SpeakerPresentation   Title
Matej SamosType   2 diabetes and plasma levels of direct oral anticoagulants in patients with   atrial fibrillation
Andrea PoliceCorrection   to: Pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis induced by the alpha-glucosidase   inhibitor complicated from sigmoid volvulus in a diabetic patient
Robert R DentIs   Type 2 Diabetes in Adults Associated With Impaired Capacity for Weight Loss
Ana Calderon de la BarcaFecal   microbiota imbalance in Mexican children with type 1 diabetes
Lisa MartinezPrimary   care approach to care of diabetes
Steven LeichterRemote   Management of Diabetic Patients:
Majumdar VijayaYoga-based   lifestyle treatment and composite treatment goals in Type 2 Diabetes in a   rural South Indian setup- a retrospective study
Alaina VidmarAn   addiction-based mobile health weight loss intervention: protocol of a   randomized controlled trial
Jaakko TuomilehtoUpdate   on Worldwide Trends in Occurrence of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes in 2020
Katharina.GinShort   telomere length is associated with arterial aging in patients with type 2   diabetes mellitus
Minoru KikuchiUltrasonography   Improves Glycemic Control by Detecting Insulin-Derived Localized Amyloidosis
Todd LeffLead   (Pb) exposure promotes diabetes in obese rodents
Emily HibbertPreconception   care and contraceptive use among Australian women with diabetes mellitus
Catarina SenraDiabetes   and driving: evidence and recommendations
Ana G Olivares LoroManagement   of type 2 diabetes mellitus in adolescents and young adults in primary care
Rola HamamIntraocular   Inflammation in Diabetic Populations
Eduardo J. SimoesEffect of Health Information Technologies on Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Patients with Diabetes
Lei LiA   Novel Dual Eigen-Analysis of Mouse Multi-Tissues’ Expression Profiles Unveils   New Perspectives into Type 2 Diabetes
Osama LoubaniCaring for Older Adults in the Emergency Department – The Importance of a Team Based Approach
Linda FryklundIs   the decision on the use of biosimilar growth hormone based on high quality   scientific evidence? – a systematic review
Ildikó MolnárEffect   of antithyroid drugs on the occurrence of antibodies against type 2   deiodinase (DIO2)
Katarina BorerUnderstanding   Human Physiological Limitations and Societal Pressures in Favor of Overeating   Helps to Avoid Obesity

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