Neuroscience Session

Neuroscience Session Presentations

Speaker Presentation   Title
Juan Sanchez-Ramos Nanoparticles   Designed and Optimized for Intranasal Administration of Gene Therapy of   Huntington’s Disease
Jip Devries Neurobehavioural   outcome in 6?18 year old children after trauma in pregnancy: Case control   study
Mazlina Mazlan Olfactory   dysfunction after brain injury and its related quality of life
Hong Jiang Visual   Function and Disability Are Associated with Increased Retinal Volumetric   Vessel Density in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Deborah Levine Association   of Blood Pressure and Cognition after Stroke
Gloria-Acacia Benítez-King The   microtubular cytoskeleton of olfactory neurons derived from patients with   schizophrenia or with bipolar disorder: Implications for biomarker   characterization, neuronal physiology and pharmacological screening
David Sullivan Can   24?weeks strength training reduce feelings of depression and increase   neurotransmitter in elderly females?
Gabriela Catana The   role of thrombin in central nervous system activity and stroke
Susana Boronat Seizures   and electroencephalography findings in 61 patients with fetal alcohol   spectrum disorders
Mitra Assadi Enhancement   of behavioral and linguistic outcome measures in autism spectrum disorder   through neuro-navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation: A pilot study
Ravid Doron A   novel herbal treatment reduces depressive-like behaviors and increases BDNF   levels in the brain of stressed mice
Gaelle Offranc Piret 3D-nanostructured   boron-doped diamond for microelectrode array neural interfacing
Danielle K. Sandsmark Cerebral   Microvascular Injury: A Potentially Treatable Endophenotype of Traumatic   Brain Injury-Induced Neurodegeneration
Ellen Hoffman Zebrafish:   A Translational Model System for Studying Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Malcolm Dando Dual-Use   Nano-Neurotechnology: An assessment of the implications of trends in science   and technology
Gregory P. Owens A   Neuroprimer: Principles of Central Nervous System Immunity
Andrey Dmitrovskiy Neuroinvasive   forms of infectious diseases caused by Yersinia
Gianluca Lepore Brain   aging and testosterone-induced neuroprotection: studies on cultured sheep   cortical neurons
Vivian Brockwell The   aging mind: neuroplasticity in response to cognitive training
Peter Schofield The   role of olfactory challenge tests in incipient dementia and clinical trial   design
Chen Geng Automated   computer-assisted detection system for cerebral aneurysms in time-of-flight   magnetic resonance angiography using fully convolutional network
Mary Heather Temporal   Resolution of Misfolded Prion Protein Transport, Accumulation, Glial   Activation, and Neuronal Death in the Retinas of Mice Inoculated with Scrapie
Mary Jo Pugh Quality   of life in epilepsy: the impact of Traumatic Brain Injury and Multimorbidity
Heikki Rauvala Targeting   chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans to enhance recovery from CNS injuries
Scott Steffensen Mechanical   stimulation of cervical vertebrae modulates the discharge activity of ventral   tegmental area neurons and dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens
Alexandre Akoulitchev Comparative   molecular cell-of-origin classification of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma   based on liquid and tissue biopsies
Peter de Haan Tolerization   for treating Neurodegenerative and Psychiatric diseases
Alison McNeilly
David Lominadze An   Evolving Opportunity
Raquel Bailon The   role of autonomic nervous system biomarkers for CAD diagnosis
Ray Dingledine Prostaglandin   receptor EP2 in the crosshairs of anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, and
Andrew Huang Central   poststroke pain, comorbidity, and associated symptoms in animal and human   models
Barry Sears Omega-3   fatty acid supplementation in severe brain trauma: case for a large   multicenter trial
Kazunori Sango GDNF   promotes neurite outgrowth and upregulates galectin-1 through the RET/PI3K   signaling in cultured adult rat dorsal root ganglion neurons
Meiqing Shi Real-time in vivo imaging of interactions of phagocytes with disseminating Cryptococcus neoformans in the brain vasculature

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