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Nutrition Session

Nutrition Session Presentations

Speaker Presentation   Title
Jan Slingenbergh Animal   Virus Ecology and Evolution Are Shaped by the Virus Host-Body Infiltration   and Colonization Pattern
Deborah Good A   molecular conundrum involving hypothalamic responses to and roles of long   non-coding RNAs following food deprivation
Steffen Oesser Collagen   Peptides in Sports -A reasonable supplementation?
Angela Andreoli Are   body composition valid tool in clinical practice?
Antonio Bevilacqua [email protected]
Chantal Matar Early-Life   Manipulation of Gut Microbiome and Prevention of Breast Cancer’.
Yechezkel Kashi Biodiversity   of Enterococcus faecalis based on genomic typing
Deirdre O’Connor Rights-based   approaches to addressing food poverty and food insecurity in Ireland and UK
Irina Kirpich The role of different types of dietary lipids on the gut-liver axis in alcohol-associated liver disease