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Oncology Session

Oncology Session Presentations

SpeakerPresentation   Title
Marc-Eric HalatschOPALS:   A New Osimertinib Adjunctive Treatment of Lung Adenocarcinoma or Glioblastoma   Using Five Repurposed Drugs
Sookyung LeeA   potential treatment option for elderly non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients with   multiple comorbidities: Two case reports and literature review
György LosonczyGefitinib   treatment in lung cancer — rebiopsy retreatment remission
Stefanie KleinCaffeic   Acid, Quercetin and 5-Fluorocytidine-Functionalized Au-Fe3O4 Nanoheterodimers   for X-ray-Triggered Drug Delivery in Breast Tumor Spheroids
Michael ToveyQuantification   of Bevacizumab Activity Following Treatment of Patients With Ovarian Cancer   or Glioblastoma
Chin-Tarng LinA   multifunctional peptide for targeted imaging and chemotherapy for   nasopharyngeal and breast cancers
Laura SoucekA   clinically viable anti-MYC protein therapeutic for cancer treatment
Sorrentino RosalindaDrug   resistance in non-small cell lung Cancer (NSCLC): Impact of genetic and   non-genetic alterations on therapeutic regimen and responsiveness
Huget DesironBridging   Health Care and the Workplace: Formulation of a Return-to-Work Intervention   for Breast Cancer Patients Using an Intervention Mapping Approach
Angela RubanBlood   glutamate scavengers increase pro‚Äëapoptotic signaling and reduce metastatic   melanoma growth in‚Äëvivo
Ronald KornNew   radiologic approaches for evaluating solid tumors beyond RECIST
Robert ClarkeEndocrine   Resistance in Breast Cancer – A Cancer Systems Biology Perspective
Hye Seon KangSmoking   and lung cancer treatment
Deborah J. BowenImproving   CRC outcomes through intervention at all risk levels
Joshua D CampbellTransdermal   delivery using Microstructures
Christopher MillerLow   recurrence rates for in situ and invasive melanomas using Mohs micrographic   surgery with melanoma antigen recognized by T cells 1 (MART-1)   immunostaining: tissue processing methodology to optimize pathologic staging   an
Shelly R PeytonTumor   cell-organized fibronectin maintenance of a dormant breast cancer population
Atena ZahediEpithelial-to-mesenchymal   transition of A549 lung cancer cells exposed to electronic cigarettes
Veda GiriGenetic   Evaluation for Inherited Prostate Cancer
Frank GansaugeEffectivity   of long antigen exposition dendritic cell therapy (LANEXDC®) in the   palliative treatment of pancreatic cancer
Konstantin ZioutasPlanetary   relationships in medicine
Bryan AllenRadioresistance   in Glioblastoma and the Development of Radiosensitizers
Darren PattenNew   approaches in the management of male breast cancer
Xiaofeng ShiSynchronous   diagnosis of anaplastic large cell lymphoma and multiple myeloma in a patient
Cheng-Har YipThe   Will Rogers phenomenon in the staging of breast cancer – Does it matter
Luciana PantaleãoStudy   of 448 cases of melanoma in situ in two hospitals in Rio de Janeiro
Laura PolisenoUnraveling   the biology of BRAFV600E isoforms in melanoma
Sergio Augusto Lopes de SouzaDevelopment   of 131 I-ixolaris as a theranostic agent: metastatic melanoma preclinical   studies
David FrankDistinct   roles of STAT3 and STAT5 in the pathogenesis and targeted therapy of breast   cancer
Masakazu Kamataanoencapsulated   rituximab mediates superior cellular immunity against metastatic B-cell   lymphoma in a complement competent humanized mouse model
PANGALIS GERASSIMOSShould   rituximab replace splenectomy in the management of splenic marginal zone   lymphoma
Hinanit KoltaiSpecific   Compositions of Cannabis sativa Compounds Have Cytotoxic Activity and Inhibit   Motility and Colony Formation of Human Glioblastoma Cells In Vitro
Gaël RouéManagement   of Drug Resistance in Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Gaia FaveroMelatonin‚Äôs   Antineoplastic Potential Against Glioblastoma
Renhua LiA   Gene Regulatory Program in Human Breast Cancer
Jason ChesneyPotential   clinical and immunotherapeutic utility of talimogene laherparepvec for   patients with melanoma after disease progression on immune checkpoint   inhibitors and BRAF inhibitors
Diego HernandezLa   mortalidad por melanoma en M√(c)xico aumenta
Eric GyanTissue   resident Immune cells in African Breast Cancer Patients
Vinicius CavalheriExercise   as medicine across the lung cancer continuum
Ronald MyersA   survey of physician receptivity to molecular diagnostic testing and readiness   to act on results for early-stage colon cancer patients
Yasunari KawabataSuperior   mesenteric artery-first approach in radical antegrade modular   pancreatosplenectomy for borderline resectable pancreatic cancer: a technique   to obtain negative tangential margins
Mary-Ann DalzellTime   course of upper limb function and return-to-work post-radiotherapy in young   adults with breast cancer: a pilot randomized control trial on effects of   targeted exercise program
Xuehong ZhangThe Etiology, Epidemiology, Prevention of Liver Cancer
Xin YuSingle-Cell   Analyses Inform Mechanisms of Myeloid-Targeted Therapies in Colon Cancer
Bojana ObradovicDevelopment of 3D cancer cell culture models for anti-tumor drug testing
Laura PatrussiAbnormalities   in chemokine receptor recycling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Frederick BebeMetastatic   melanoma in Florida, 1996-2010: Racial, etastatic melanoma in Florida,   1996-2010: Racial, demographic, occupational and tumor characteristics, c,   occupational and tumor characteristics, and burden of met√°stasis nd burden   of met√°stasis
Dorothy MakanjuolaDefining   radiologic complete response using a correlation of presurgical ultrasound   and mammographic localization findings with pathological complete response   following neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer
Sollier ElodieEvaluation   of PD-L1 expression on vortex-isolated circulating tumor cells in metastatic   lung cancer
Sabine BrandtCanine   oral primary melanoma cells exhibit shift to mesenchymal phenotype and   phagocytic behaviour
Yuki YoshimatsuEstablishment   and characterization novel patient-derived extraskeletal cell line   NCC-ESOS1-C1