Pediatrics Session

Pediatrics Session Presentations

Presentation Title   Speaker
Necrotizing Enterocolitis: Lessons to be learnt by disease similarity between neonates and adult/Geriatric Population   Renu Sharma
Neonatal phototherapy radiometers: current performance characteristics and future requirements   Douglas Clarkson
Clinical strategy for managing Oxidative Stress in premature infants, taking into account the sex of the newborn   Lavoie Jean Claude
Genetic influences on adolescent behavior   Danielle Dick
Ensuring adequate immunizations among pediatric liver transplant recipients: A team approach   Natasha Halasa
Curtailing Lead Aerosols: Effects of Primary Prevention on Declining Soil Lead and Children’s Blood Lead in Metropolitan New Orleans   Howard W. Mielke
Prenatal meditation influences infant behaviors   Ka Po Chan
Bullying Victimization and Suicide Ideation and Behavior Among Adolescents in Europe: A 10-Country Study   Anat Brunstein Klomek
Phenotypes of a family with XLH with a novel PHEX mutation   Yasuhisa Ohata
Correlates of adolescent sleep time and variability in sleep time: The role of individual and health related characteristics   Melisa Moore
ognitive behavior therapy to treat anxiety among children with autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review   Joseph Lucyshyn
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Children   Charles Woods
Differences in anthropometric and ultrasonographic parameters between adolescent girls with regular and irregular menstrual cycles: a case-study of 835 cases   Ubavka Radivojevic
Reading and coherent motion perception in school age children   Evita Kassaliete
It Takes a Village to Move a Hospital: Simulation Improves Intensive Care Team Preparedness for a Move to a New Site   Tanya Di Genova
HIV-1 fusion inhibitors targeting the membrane-proximal external region of Env spikes   Tianshu Xiao
Pediatric spinal epidural abscess: a 9-year institutional review and review of the literature   Melody Hawkins
Pulmonary edema post-adenotonsillectomy in children   Elaf Ahmed
Early language learning profiles of young children with autism: Hyperlexia and its subtypes   ChuSui Lin
Yin-Yang personality of pediatric outpatients in Korea   Chae Han
Maternal levels of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) during pregnancy and childhood allergy and asthma related outcomes and infections in the Norwegian Mother and Child (MoBa) cohort   Berit Granum
Acute In Vivo Evaluation of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Ambulatory Lung   Katelin Omecinski
The effect of a road safety educational program for kindergarten children on their parents’ behavior and knowledge   Shani Avnieli
Pediatric Mass-Casualty Education: Experiential Learning Through University-Sponsored Disaster Simulation   Elizabeth N. Austin
Dentists and teachers sink teeth into oral health education. Evidence-based research supports partners in prevention classroom collaboration   Winifred J Booker
Treatment Combining CD200 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor and Tumor-Lysate Vaccination after Surgery for Pet Dogs with High-Grade Glioma   Michael Olin
Action spectrum of phototherapy in hyperbilirubinemic neonates   Finn Ebbesen
Intralymphatic Immunotherapy: The future of allergy treatment is here   Amber M Patterson
Autism and Gender Dysphoria   Aron Janssen
Chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontine perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids (CLIPPERS): A pediatric case report with six year follow-up   Sue Ming
Radiological Outcomes in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Patients More Than 22 Years After Treatment   Ane Simony
Partnering With a Family Advisor to Improve Communication in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit   Laura Czulada
Enhanced hepatotoxicity by acetaminophen in Vanin-1 knockout mice is associated with deficient proliferative and immune responses   Deirdre McAvoy
A single intervention for cockroach control reduces cockroach exposure and asthma morbidity in children   Felicia Rabito
Serum haptoglobin and hemopexin levels are depleted in pediatric sickle cell disease patients   John Belcher
Risk factors of metabolic bone disease of prematurity   Supamit Ukarapong
Continent Catheterizable Vesicostomy: An Alternative Surgical Modality for Pediatric Patients With Large Bladder Capacity   Durwood Neal
A PRESing case of visual changes and confusion   Jeffrey Louie
Caffeine is a risk factor for osteopenia of prematurity in preterm infants: a cohort study   Ebtihal Ali

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