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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Jun 2020 Issue

The Effect of a Sports Nutrition Didactic Session on Division I Athletes

Published on Jun 18, 2020




Background: Each year thousands of athletes encounter medical problems (e.g., syncopal episodes, stress fractures, anorexia, bulimia) that may have been prevented if appropriate nutritional counseling had been provided.  This study aimed to investigate whether a didactic session regarding nutrition was superior to providing athletes with a booklet about nutrition to increase knowledge among collegiate athletes.


Methods and Study Design: This was a randomized, prospective interventional study of 108 Division I college athletes. All participants were given a previously validated nutritional knowledge survey (Shifflet).  Group 1 (n=39) was given a nutritional booklet (created by the authors) and a 1-hour didactic session from a sports nutritionist. Group 2 (n=34) received the booklet and a 5-minute overview of the booklet. Group 3 (n=35) received the booklet alone. The athletes were retested 14 days later. A one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) between subjects was conducted to compare pre- and post-test scores across all three groups.


Results: There was not a statistically significant difference between group (p>.05] assessment scores for the three conditions.  However, the mean change score from pre-test to post-test increased across all three-treatment groups.


Conclusions: A single sports nutrition didactic session did not increase nutritional knowledge beyond providing a nutrition booklet alone.


Significance of Findings: A single nutrition didactic session is not sufficient enough to educate athletes about proper nutritional habits. Athletes may require multiple sessions in order to accomplish this goal.

Author info

Harry Stafford, Josh Berkowitz, Nailah Adams, Lauren Porras, Zach Sandbulte, Brent Fisher, Chistopher Felton, Jason Booth, Wanda Reed, Samantha Wells, Latisha Johnson, Jonathon Nelson-chavis, Jennifer Kettterly, David Berkoff

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