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The Medical Research Archives is the official journal of the European Society of Medicine. It has published over 2,500 articles since 2014.

Geisinger High-Risk Osteoporosis Clinic: Narrowing Post-Fracture Care Gaps and Lessons Learned

Akwe Joyce, MD, MPH, – Nadene Fair, MD

Neuropsychological Changes Across Life Stages and Their Impact on Spirituality
Feasibility Study on the nIORT® Adjuvant Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme through the Irradiation Field of Fast Neutrons Produced by a Compact Generator
The Uneven Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on US Fatal Road Accidents
Racial Disparities in Telemedicine Uptake during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Patients with Hematologic Malignancies in the United States

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The European Society of Medicine exists to connect doctors with the knowledge they need to lead medical innovation and reduce the burden of disease.

Working Towards Universal Implementation of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Annekathryn Goodman & Naima Joseph – Harvard University School of Medicine

Call for a new globally equitable vaccine strategy

An open letter to the World Health Organization

A New Model for Predicting Infectious Disease Outbreaks



GeoVax Presents COVID-19 Vaccine Data at the European Society
of Medicine General Assembly

A New Model for Predicting Infectious Disease Outbreaks



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