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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Jan 2021 Issue

Early outcomes of THA using uncemented dual-mobility cups with additional fixation screws

Published on Jan 28, 2021




Background: The use of fixation screws with uncemented cups is controversial particularly for dual mobility (DM) cups where perforation of the articular surface could compromise implant longevity. We aimed to compare outcomes of total hip arthroplasty (THA) using uncemented DM cups with supplementary screw fixation versus simple press-fit fixation.

Methods: From 235 consecutive THAs performed using uncemented DM cups, 203 were fixed by simple press-fit and 32 fixed with additional screws. The Oxford hip score (OHS) and EuroQol 5 Dimensions (EQ-5D) score were available at 3.3±1.1 years. To enable direct comparison, each screw fixation cup was matched to three simple press-fit cups using propensity scores, based on age, sex and bone quality.

Results: The two groups had equivalent age, body mass index, gender distribution, femoral morphology and bone quality. Compared to the press-fit group (n=96), the screw fixation group had more surgical antecedents (p=0.032), higher femoral neck angles (p=0.028), and received slightly larger cups (p=0.036). Revision was required for two (6%) screw fixation cups (only one implant-related) and one (1%) press-fit cup (none implant-related). There were no differences between OHS (19±8 vs 18±7, p=0.682) nor EQ-5D (0.63±0.37, p=0.257).

Conclusions: Revision rates were greater for DM cups fixed with additional screws than for those fixed by simple press-fit, but clinical scores were equivalent. There was only one implant-related revision (acetabular fracture) in the screw fixation group and it is unclear whether this is related to the additional screws or to patient/surgical factors.

Level of evidence: Level IV, retrospective case series.

Author info

Luca Nover, Jean-charles Rollier, Julien Chouteau, Giuseppe Toro, Mo Saffarini, Laurent Jacquot, Tarik Ait-si-selmi

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