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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Nov 2021 Issue

Re-treatment of Prostate Cancer with Radiation Therapy

Published on Nov 29, 2021




As treatment for prostate cancer matures with many options for local, regional and systemic care, patients are living longer. Coupled with aggressive therapy for oligometastatic disease and improvements in multiple treatment pathways including radiopharmacy, both disease-free and overall survival are improving for many patients. Success can also bring new challenges that require new thought processes for care. In this paper we present two patients who had undergone previous radiation therapy for adenocarcinoma of the prostate with curative intent who required consideration for re-irradiation each more than 15 years away from primary management.

Author info

Thomas Fitzgerald, Thomas Quinn, Harry Bushe, Shannon Higgins, Joshua Taylor, Yankhua Fan, I-lin Kuo, Linda Ding, Ronald Ebb, Jeffrey Dann, William Walsh, Robert Babineau, Lacey Mcintosh, Alan Goldstein, Zhong Jiang, Jesse Aronowitz, Maryann Bishop-jodoin

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