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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Nov 2021 Issue

Return on Investment from Rapid DNA Testing of Sexual Assault Kits

Published on Nov 29, 2021




The growing queue for DNA analysis in crime laboratories has prevented the analysis from providing investigative leads as turnaround time has grown, limiting the analytical results to a confirmatory role in the courtroom. Rapid DNA technology offers an opportunity to employ an automated system for the development of a DNA profile. The Rapid DNA technology permits a police booking station to take a buccal swab obtained from an arrestee, acquire a DNA profile, and test that profile against a DNA database, all while the arrestee remains in police custody during the booking process. Rapid DNA technologies are a capital-intensive system enabling sophisticated equipment designed for operation by individuals with limited technical training to provide investigative leads with immediate support. We present the testing of rapid DNA technology in a trial program conducted by the Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratory. The Kentucky test confirms the efficacy of the rapid DNA testing as consistent with the findings from traditional laboratory testing. The economic analysis related to testing indicates that the time saving from the rapid DNA analysis yields benefits that far outweigh the costs from the change in technology.

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Paul Speaker, Regina Wells

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