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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Jul 2022 Issue

Getting Sick and Living with Cancer: Narratives Found in Blogs

Published on Jul 31, 2022




This study, of data collection with documentative, descriptive, exploratory and interpretative basis, anchored in Paul Ricoeur's hermeneutics-phenomenology, aimed at analyzing, from the point of view of the patient, how it is to live with osteossarcoma in Brazil. Personal narratives were investigated in 259 posts in eight blogs. In this article we present three emerging categorical themes: difficulties in accessing treatment, physical barriers and attitude barriers. The posts pointed indicated that being affected by osteosarcoma implies: facing barriers that involve geographical distance, transportation, and accommodation; dealing with failures in the health service related to delays in diagnosis, test results, and procedures; physical, including architectural obstacles; and stigmatization. Emotional concerns, especially related to relationships with family, friends, and feelings about society´s reactions toward the person with the disease were mentioned as important as the concrete barriers they faced on an everyday basis.  

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Walter Oliveira

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