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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Jun 2022 Issue

The Role of the Exalted Mind in the Observer Observed Quantum Reality

Published on Jun 20, 2022




The great advances in science precipitated by the advent of quantum mechanics in the 20th century have profound implications for the nature of reality. The universe is now assumed to be fundamentally quantum at all scales of existence. As such, ancient questions about what the roles of human beings in the universe are, what is the relationship between the observer and the observed, the role of the mind, existence itself and the nature of experiences, can now also be approached in new scientific ways. This provides the opportunity to explore mathematical formalisms that relate to relationships between the observer and the observed, through three principles or universal laws which apply at all levels of existence. These principles form the essence of a vast ocean of qualia of experience. Such approaches that we advocate here provide a formalism that goes beyond specific interpretations of quantum mechanics and have strong philosophical foundations in both Western philosophy as well as the monistic contemplative systems of the East. We present a plausible thesis that what is the unifying principle of all existence is universal Consciousness, which when turned within is pure Awareness of Being. The mind and the countless experiences of qualia in this inner vision encompass ancient eternal views of contemplation where the observer, the observer and the process of unifying them form an undivided wholeness. The exalted ancient yet modern view would resonate with both the non-dual ancient teachings as well as different interpretations of quantum mechanics wherein the observed system and the observing subject are inexorably tied together in an undivided Wholeness of Being. The role of the mind is critical and we use the term Exalted Mind to distinguish higher functions from ordinary mind. The implications for humanity are indeed profound, in our view form the foundation of the emerging scientific and medical paradigms, the dawn of a new era of conscious non-dual, science-based Awareness.


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Keun Hang Yang, Menas Kafatos

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