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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Jul 2022 Issue

4R COVID-19 Toolkit for Patient Self-Management of Mild or Moderate COVID-19 symptoms

Published on Jul 31, 2022




There is an under-addressed need to help patients who experience mild-to-moderate COVID-19 symptoms or are asymptomatic, to manage their disease at home. While no approved COVID-19 medical treatments exist for these patients, home-based self-management is crucial because it has the potential to relieve patients’ symptom burden and provide concrete actions that help mitigate anxiety, isolation and loss of personal control associated with the disease. Existing resources often provide a deluge of information, which may not be readily actionable by patients. Additionally, existing resources focus primarily on managing severe symptoms. A 4R COVID-19 toolkit was developed to address the unmet need for patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 symptoms based on expert discussions and a literature review. The toolkit applies the principles of the previously developed 4R Oncology Model of providing patients with a project plan for the course of their COVID-19 care, information on self-management of mild to moderate symptoms, and criteria for contacting their medical provider. The toolkit was developed with support from Genentech; it is not intended to substitute for the medical advice of a healthcare provider. The 4R COVID-19 toolkit continues to be improved as updated information is available via patient and clinician feedback, literature, and expert guidance. A copy of the current toolkit is attached to this paper for use and adaptation by care providers, practices, and institutions.

Author info

Kimberly Jinnett, Christine Weldon, Brittani James, Caroline Solon, Claire Thesing, Judes Fleurimont, Karriem Watson, Julia Trosman

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