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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Apr 2023 Issue

Penicillin-Induced Anti-Factor VIII Antibodies: A Case Report

Published on Apr 25, 2023




Introduction: Acquired hemophilia A is very rare autoimmune disorder caused by an autoantibody to factor VIII that interferes with its coagulant function. It may be associated with a number of conditions such as lymphoproliferative disorders, drugs and solid malignancies. Hemarthrosis in Acquired hemophilia A is very rare clinical presentation and was never reported in cases induced by penicillin.

Case presentation: We report a 65-year-old male, born and living in Brazil, who presented hemorrhagic episodes complicated with joint hemarthrosis due to acquired hemophilia A caused by a commonly used drug, Benzathine penicillin.Disease management was focused on controlling bleeding, primarily with the use of factor VIII inhibition bypassing activity and eradicate the autoantibody using various immunosuppressants. The challenges in manage this case included delayed diagnosis, durable remissions, difficulty achieving hemostasis. Clinical and laboratory coagulation response has improved eight weeks after only with the administration of double immunosuppression medication: corticosteroid and cyclophosphamide.

Conclusion: This case gives us the lesson that prompt diagnosis and treatment achieved by hematologists may improve the prognosis and prevent severe bleeding. Early detection is vital to improving outcomes.

Author info

Valter Romão De Souza Junior, Marta Iglis De Oliveira, Paulo Sérgio Ramos De Araújo, Fabio Lopes De Melo, Luciana De Barros Correia Fontes, Glaydes Maria Torres De Lima, Cláudia Wanderley De Barros Correia, Pedro Alves Da Cruz Gouveia, Ana Lucia Coutinho Domingues, Rebeca Cavalcanti Galle De Aguiar, Ana Maria Vanderlei, Lorena Costa Correa, Joana Corrêa De Araujo Koury, Renata Amorim Brandão, Juliana Oliveira Vieira, Bruna Pontes Duartes, Maria Da Conceição De Barros Correia, Manuela Freire Hazin Costa

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