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Feb 2023 Issue

Value-Based Approach in Psychology

Published on Feb 28, 2023




The article reveals the essence of the value-oriented approach in psychology, the methodology of its application in the practical work of a psychologist, as well as the need to form the position of a "student" at the client

At present, when the whole world is experiencing a state of instability, the work of psychologists in society is more important than ever. The psychological community tries to find, synthesize methods and tools that will show high efficiency in working with clients and will have a long-term effect.

The purpose of this article is to introduce readers to the value-oriented approach (VOP) in psychology, which is the latest psychological direction that summarizes the achievements of psychological science and formulates universal principles of psychological practice.

The VOP methodology represents a conceptually new approach to solving psychological problems. The psychological problem is seen not as a hindrance that needs to be addressed, but as a positive feedback from life. In the philosophy of this approach, life is seen as a sentient, supportive force for the existence of man, and man as a part of the whole associated with reality through many physical, mental and spiritual connections. In the case when a person violates harmony in relations with reality by his actions, he receives a signal about this in the form of various problematic circumstances and psychological difficulties. The work also uses the results of a study of the use of a VOP - approach among young people (100 people) aged 19 to 30 years.

It seems to the authors of this article that the method of effective psychological assistance to people at the present time, which helps and teaches to cope with problems, is the method of value-oriented psychology.

There is one wise popular statement: "If you want to feed a person - give him fish, and if you want him to be full all your life - teach him to fish."

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Kraslavskaya Z.g., Milovanova L.a.

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