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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Sep 2023 Issue

Quantifying Vagal Upload Time to measure recovery from COVID

Published on Sep 28, 2023




At Roseville Wellness Group, a Sydney holistic health care centre, 23 post-Covid patients who presented with persistent post infective symptomatology were identified. They all received primary treatment with auricular management using an Evo Premio Laser and secondary support treatment with body acupuncture dependent on the findings at the auricle at that time point. The vascular autonomic signal which is a physiological phenomenon locating dysfunction and distress for the brain and body was used at the auricle to locate vagal dysfunction and subsequent correction. Baseline Vagal Upload Times were measured in 23 post-COVID patients to assess the functional status of their Liver, Lungs, Kidneys and Spleen. Access was via the auricular branch of the vagus located at the concha. The patients were treated weekly and their Vagal Upload Times recorded. Recovery from COVID was associated with a reduction in upload time which decreased over the occasions of measurement for all participants and significant decreases were recorded from the start of treatment to the final session. Patients described improved ability to function, clearing of their brain fog, reduction in their chronic cough and also resolution of their vertigo or balance issues when the upload time reduced to less than 20 seconds per auricular point.

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Im Smith

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