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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Mar 2024 Issue

Inflammatory neuropathies: How far we’ve come

Published on Mar 06, 2024




Inflammatory polyneuropathies encompass a range of common and treatable conditions arising from an immune response—either humoral or cellular—targeting specific elements of the peripheral nervous system. These conditions may be acute, as in Guillain-Barré syndrome and its variants, or chronic, as observed in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, multifocal motor neuropathy, POEMS, vasculitis neuropathies, or nodal-paranodal disorders. Diagnosis predominantly hinges on clinical symptoms and electromyographic examinations, facilitating the prompt commencement of treatment. Addressing less common pathologies is crucial when conventional treatments prove ineffective, emphasizing the need for ongoing research in this dynamic field.

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Kradolfer Letts Brigitte, Bertorini Tulio

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