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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Jan 2024 Issue

Impact of COVID on the mental health and cognitive functioning level of elderly individuals

Published on Jan 30, 2024




Background: The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak caused widespread worry and alarm throughout the world. The virus affected people of all ages, although the elderly is at a larger risk. This study examines the mental health concerns and the cognitive functioning that older people encounter as a result COVID affected.

Objective: To study the mental health and cognitive functioning level in older adults with covid affect in comparison with non-covid affect.

Methods: Comparative study design was adapted; participants include those who are aged above 60 years with covid affected and non-covid affected. Socio-demographic details were collected. Clinical scales such as GHQ, GDS and HARS were utilized for checking the mental health condition of the elderly individuals. MMSE scale was used for assessing the cognitive level.

Results: The sample size consisted of 30 elderly individuals with 15 covid affect and 15 elderly with non-covid affected. The mean age of the covid affected group was 65.9 years and non-covid group was 65.8. Covid group scored low on orientation mean and SD (2.75±1.91), memory (1.75±1.40) and total MMSE (18.45±5.10) than compared non-covid affected. There is a significant difference between the covid and non-covid on orientation p=0.023* and total MMSE p=0.007**

Discussion: The results revealed that covid affected scored lower on orientation, memory and total cognitive score than non-covid affected elderly individuals. Age and education has positive association with cognition level and general health had negative correlation with orientation indicates higher scores on GHQ lower in orientation.

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Nagalakshmi Rm

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