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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Nov 2023 Issue

Narrative Research on Understanding Workplace Violence in Healthcare: Insights from Healthcare Professionals

Published on Nov 29, 2023




Background: Narrative research provides a unique and insightful approach to understanding personal experiences and narratives. This interviewing method allows participants ample time and scope to reflect upon their stories, enabling a deeper examination of the transformative elements within their narratives. We conducted narrative interviews in the form of a survey among healthcare professionals, focusing on the pressing issue of workplace violence (WPV). Our primary aim was to emphasize the significance and effectiveness of narrative interviews, especially when dealing with sensitive topics.

Methodology: A multicentric, cross-sectional study was conducted across India, using narrative interviews with healthcare professionals for a period of three months of duration (July 2022 to September 2022). An interview guide was designed and validated, and narrative interviews were conducted in a hybrid mode. The transcribed interviews were subjected to narrative analysis.

Results: Thirty-one healthcare professionals participated in the study, all of whom had either witnessed or experienced WPV. The participants identified inadequate communication, high patient-doctor ratio, and inadequate security measures as the primary factors contributing to WPV. These incidents result in adverse psychological effects and a decrease in work performance in healthcare providers. The participants expressed the importance of increasing awareness about the prevalence and detrimental effects of WPV, as well as the need to implement effective strategies to prevent and address it through narrative research.

Conclusion: Narrative research is a powerful tool to understand the in-depth feelings and perceptions of people on sensitive topics. In this study, healthcare professionals perceived WPV as an important area of concern in clinical practice. Poor communication skills and, a high patient-doctor ratio were the key causes.

Keywords: Workplace violence, healthcare professionals, narrative research.


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Medha Mathur

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