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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Mar 2024 Issue

Intensive care challenges for the next pandemic

Published on Mar 26, 2024




Experience during the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for crisis preparedness, particularly in intensive care units (ICUs). Addressing key challenges is vital for improving readiness and response, as well as ensuring better protection for vulnerable populations.

Our review focuses on the recent literature examining the challenges in acute care settings during the pandemic. We aimed to identify lessons that could improve our ability to handle similar situations.

Studies have highlighted the critical role of intensive care, responsiveness, and preparedness. The key challenges identified include a shortage of trained personnel to meet high demand without compromising care quality or overburdening healthcare workers. Resource scarcity during the pandemic emphasizes the importance of reasonable resource allocation to ensure sufficient care provision.

Additionally, addressing post-ICU syndrome and early rehabilitation is crucial, as ICU treatment can lead to long-term physical, psychological, and cognitive issues that can affect patients' quality of life. Finally, fostering a culture of data sharing and research collaboration is essential for knowledge exchange and improving crisis management across healthcare centers.

Author info

Magdalena Vera, Leyla Alegría, Ricardo Castro, Stefany Avendaño, Guillermo Bugedo, Macarena Amthauer

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