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Published in the Medical Research Archives
Apr 2024 Issue

Preoperative anaesthesia assessment and patient preparation for surgery: update and a review

Published on Apr 29, 2024




Although anaesthetic and surgical procedures should be individualised for every patient, in practice many preoperative protocols and routines are used generally. The “Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology” establishes that the safety and quality of the perioperative care received by patients is the responsibility of anaesthesiologists. This declaration has been accepted by all the European Societies of Anaesthesiology and stipulates that all institutions providing perioperative anaesthesia care to patients should design protocols to guide perioperative patient management.


The present article aims to provide an evidenced-based review of preoperative assessment and preparation and to propose a protocol that can be adapted to the needs of each hospital and be incorporated into their routine practice. Emphasis is placed on the importance of correct preoperative evaluation in reducing morbidity and mortality in the surgical patient. This task can be aided by the use of preoperative questionnaires and the rational use of preoperative tests, which will also reduce unnecessary costs. Finally, the most widely accepted recommendations on preoperative fasting is discussed. The anaesthesiologist’s legal responsibility, and patients’ views in the preoperative process are also considered. A thorough clinical preoperative evaluation of the patient is more important than routine preoperative tests, which should be requested only when justified by clinical indications. Moreover, this practice eliminates unnecessary cost without compromising the safety and quality of care.

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F García-miguel, S Valencia Castillo

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