External Evaluation Growth- HCAC in 4 years

Up to 350 words. NHealth Care Accreditation Council (HCAC) is an internationally accredited organization and leading quality and patient safety in Jordan and the region.
HCAC has grown to reach 231 accredited organization, including: 104 Primary healthcare centers, 57 Medical Laboratories, 39 Hospitals, 30 Breast imaging units and 1 Ambulatory care center. Till this day we have 140 surveyors and after 10 years of experience, HCAC evaluated its accreditation system and founded a mixed design evaluation methodology that was utilized and reviewed by the international expert.
Improvement measures were taken by implementing the Automated Accreditation System as well as focusing on Standards Interpretation was conducted by a systematic approach, where guidance notes were added to new and debatable standards.
Meanwhile, the improvement measures reached to cover surveyors by training them virtually and strengthening the scoring system for their evaluation.
Even though postponement rate in 2020 reached 72% and the challenge continued in 1st and 2nd quarters of 2021, the total number of accredited organizations increased in (2020-2021). COVID-19 continues to be used as a growth driving force for HCAC, despite all challenges that were caused by lockdowns such as: Postponed surveys, Surveyor’s cancelations and survey team changes.
HCAC continues to support healthcare institutions, staff members, and the society by providing interactive policy and practitioner webinars, online educational sessions, awareness campaigns, preparedness toolkit and COVID-19 readiness packages.
Since healthcare quality has always been the target, the Quality Competition took place officially between
(March 1st – October 15th)-2021 aims to support accredited organization efforts with main theme of maintaining health care quality and patient safety considering the COVID-19.
As a part of HCAC’s preparedness to ensure continuity of accreditation services throughout all emergencies, HCAC successfully piloted the virtual model for conducting surveys.

HCAC continues its excellency journey and maintains to develop standards and as previously mentioned, tough times requires flexible actions, the pandemic was an eye-opening trigger to reviewing and updating the accreditation policies, postponing accreditations and adjusting survey days.

Lastly, the future vision is designated to focus on technology by the application of the Virtual Accreditation model and employing digital scope in working progress.
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