Special Issue: Challenges and Opportunities in Toxicology

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Special Issue: Challenges and Opportunities in Toxicology

This issue addresses the evolving landscape of toxicology. It highlights the need for advanced analytical methods to keep pace with the increasing variety of potential toxins. The issue emphasizes the importance of accurate sample collection and contextual analysis to enhance the interpretative power of toxicological data. It also explores the potential of nanotechnology and bioassays in improving detection sensitivity. Furthermore, the issue discusses the significance of pharmacogenomics and drug interactions in personalizing medicine. Overall, it presents a comprehensive view of the current challenges and future directions in toxicology, advocating for a more personalized and precise approach.

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The Medical Research Archives is the official journal of the European Society of Medicine. It publishes original research, reviews, and case reports addressing health issues of interest to a global community of medical professionals. The journal was founded in 2014 and has just published its 119th issue.

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