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Video Library

Presentations from the 2021 ESMED General Assembly

Patient Reported Outcome and Value in Healthcare

By Andrew Vallance-Owen – Chief Medical Officer of the Medicover Group & Medical Advisor to Healthcare UK

Chemokine RANTES/CCL5 from Jawbone Cavitation – Hidden Interface to Systemic-Immunological Diseases

By Dr. Johann Lechner – Head of the Clinic for Integrative Dentistry in Munich, Germany

Occupational Safety for Manufacturing Toxic Substances

Dr. Richard Denk

Preeclampsia: A Surprisingly Conventional Disorder

Dr. Charles Coffey

Rapid Response for the COVID-19 Pandemic

John Agens, M.D.

De Novo Design and Virtual Screening to search for novel peptide and non-peptide kinaseinhibitors as new anti-cancer agents

Dr. Cristina Tomasella

Unmet Medical Need of Oligotherapy Field: Nucleic Acid Platform Enabling New Generation Oligonucleotides with Tunable Properties

Dr. David Tabatadze

Anesthesiology Education: Teaching a New Generation

Jue Teresa Wang, M.D.

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