Charlotte Erlanson Albertsson

Lund University

Eva Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson is a Swedish physiological researcher and professor of medical and physiological chemistry at Lund University.

Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson began medical studies at Lund University in 1965. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in medicine, she defended her dissertation in 1972 in medical and physiological chemistry, supervised by Bengt Borgström. The dissertation was about the hydrolysis of fat in the intestine and here was a new discovery, namely the discovery of the protein colipase as a necessary cofactor for lipase during fat digestion.

After a postdoctoral stay at the Center National de la Recherche Scientific (CNRS) in Marseille 1972–1973, she became an associate professor of medical and physiological chemistry in 1976 and a senior lecturer in the same subject in 1991. From 1998 to 1999, she was a visiting researcher at the CNRS in Meudon, Paris, where she worked with dissociating proteins, which dissociate ATP synthesis and generate heat.