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Special Issue: Advancing Our Knowledge of COVID-19

Special Issue: Advancing Our Knowledge of COVID-19

Experience with Burn Prevention Program in North Eastern India

Bhupendra Prasad Sarma, Kabita S Choudhury, Dipak Sarma

Clinical Pharmacists role in the therapeutic management of COVID-19 patients in Morocco

Aicha Chaibi, PharmD, Mrani Alaoui Amal, PharmD, Lasri Fatima-Zahra, PharmD, Abouqal Redouane, MD, Madani Naoufel, MD

Precaution, resilience, faith, and COVID-19

Ben J.M. Ale, Des N.D. Hartford, David H. Slater

Utility of lung ultrasound in the management of COVID-19 respiratory infection

Ximena Cid Serra, C Royse, A Wang, D Canty, L Bridgford, A Denault, D El-Ansary, X Hu, X Li, A Royse

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