Update on Takayasu’s arteritis in pregnancy

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Saïd JIDANE http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5593-0887 Ahmed BELKOUCH Mustapha NOUSSAIR Saad ZIDOUH Lahcen BELYAMANI


Takayasu’s arteritis (TAK) is an inflammatory large-vessel vasculitis of unknown origin, affecting primarily the aorta and its branches. It has been reported all over the world, with wide variation in its prevalence in different geographic areas. It predominantly affects women of reproductive age. And it appears that the hemodynamic changes during pregnancy further exacerbate the pathologic cardiovascular manifestations of the disease, thereby negatively impacting both mother and fetus. So, management of pregnancies in TAK patients is a challenge that needs careful patient evaluation, treatment of TAK complications, and anesthetic surgical planning.  

The aim of our article is to make an update of the novel finding in Takayasu’s arteritis in pregnancy, and to highlight management considerations for treatment and anesthetic technique of such special patients.

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Takayasu’s arteritis, pregnancy, preeclampsia, Anesthesia, Cesarean section
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