Case of a Giant Necrotic Fibrolipoma inducing Early Sepsis

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Wesley High Beshoy Nashed Burt Faibisoff


Very few cases of giant fibrolipomas are listed in literature and there are none upon our review that list abscess and necrosis within the mass. Fibrolipomas represent a rare benign skin growth that typically are small in size (1). This is a rare case in which an ulcerated and infected mass caused early sepsis.

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HIGH, Wesley; NASHED, Beshoy; FAIBISOFF, Burt. Case of a Giant Necrotic Fibrolipoma inducing Early Sepsis. Medical Research Archives, [S.l.], v. 6, n. 3, mar. 2018. ISSN 2375-1924. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 09 dec. 2023. doi:
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