Castleman Disease: A Wide Spectrum of Thoracic Manifestations

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Giuseppe Mangiameli Ugo Cioffi Marco Alloisio Federica Carlea Alberto Testori


Castleman’s disease is a benign lymphoproliferative disorder affecting both lymph nodes and extranodal loci. Castleman’s disease can occur in practically any part of the body, but it occurs mainly in the thorax (~70%) followed by the abdomen and pelvis, neck and axilla. Clinically, Castleman’s disease can be classified into a unicentric or multicentric form, depending on the number of lymph nodes involved, and histologically into a hyaline vascular variant, plasma cell, mixed cellular or plasmablastic variant. In this mini-review we briefly report and focus on all clinical thoracic manifestations of Castleman’s disease resuming for each of them the possible strategy of treatment.

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