COVID- 19 and Transplantation in India

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Dr. Urmila Anandh


COVID 19 pandemic had a major impact on solid transplantation worldwide. This impact was felt more severely in resource constrained countries like India. In the initial phase of the pandemic, transplantation activities were halted. This was because of increased strain on the healthcare facilities by the pandemic and all non-urgent surgeries were disrupted. Also, there was concern among physicians about the risk of immunosuppression during the ongoing pandemic. After receiving guidance from national health authorities, transplantation activities were cautiously restarted. With increasing understanding about the pathophysiology of the viral infection transplantation activity increased over the months and both COVID- 19 infected individuals were accepted as donor and recipients. This was done after a thorough clinical, microbiological and radiological evaluation. Vaccination was made available early in India and guidelines for vaccination were adopted for all kidney transplant recipients. Like everywhere else, it was noted that vaccine efficacy was suboptimal in transplant recipients and breakthrough infections were common. COVID-19 associated mucormycosis was a unique feature during the second wave of the pandemic in India. It almost manifested as an epidemic and had devastating consequences in our country. This review aims to look at the response of Indian transplant physicians combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years. Mention is also made about the mucormycosis infections (an epidemic within the pandemic) which was an important issue during the second wave of the pandemic.

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