Is Post-less Hip Arthroscopy Here to Stay?

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Joseph McCahon, DO Patrick Szukics, DO William Baker, DO Elizabeth Ford, DO Sean McMillan, DO


Hip arthroscopy is one of the fastest growing procedures amongst orthopedic sports medicine surgeons.  The procedure has recently entered its 4th decade of being performed and over this time many evolutions have occurred to the procedure to allow for improved efficiency and outcomes.  In spite of these rapid evolving improvements, the risk of complication and untoward outcomes still exist due to the complexity of the procedure and the delicate anatomy of the surgical region.  Perineal and sciatic nerve injuries related to the use of a perineal post for joint distraction are among the most devastating complications associated with hip arthroscopy. In order to combat these risks, a growing movement toward post-less arthroscopy has occurred.  This technique allows for joint distraction without the need for a rigid post within the perineal region, thus decreasing the potential for nerve related complication. This manuscript aims to explore the arm of joint distraction in hip arthroscopy and examine the staying power of post-less hip arthroscopy. 

Keywords: Hip Arthroscopy, Post-less Hip Arthroscopy, Is Post-less Hip Arthroscopy Here to Stay?

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