Ependymoma of the Filum Terminale, Technical Operative Note

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Simon Diaz Giulia Cossu Mihailo Obrenovic Juan Barges-Coll


Background: Spinal cord tumors represent 2-4% of all CNS tumors. Ependymomas are the most frequent lesions of the spinal cord1. Gross total resection remains the gold standard2.

Method: We describe the mini-invasive surgical technique using a fixed tubular retractor performed for the resection of an ependymoma of the filum terminale, along with its advantages and limits.

Conclusion: This mini-invasive technique has shown to be safe and effective for the resection of filum terminale ependymoma, with a good impact on postoperative pain and less risks of CSF leak, which is probably secondary to a limited dead space.

Keywords: minimal invasive surgery, filum terminale, ependymoma, tubular retractor

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DIAZ, Simon et al. Ependymoma of the Filum Terminale, Technical Operative Note. Medical Research Archives, [S.l.], v. 11, n. 4, apr. 2023. ISSN 2375-1924. Available at: <https://esmed.org/MRA/mra/article/view/3591>. Date accessed: 06 dec. 2023. doi: https://doi.org/10.18103/mra.v11i4.3591.
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