A A retrospective observational study in assesment of role of sonography in adnexal masses and its histopathological correlation in tertiary care centre.

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Dr. Anitha S, Assistant Professor Dr. Aishwarya E, Junior Resident Dr. Sushmitha Laxmi Rao, Junior Resident Dr. Fathima Ismath, Senior Resident Suhitha G, Associate professor


Background- Adnexal masses (masses of the ovary, fallopian tube, or surrounding tissues) commonly are encountered by obstetrician–gynaecologist and often present diagnostic and management dilemmas. Types of adnexal mass ranges from benign ovarian and non-ovarian to primary and secondary malignant ovarian masses. Although most adnexal masses are benign, the main goal of the diagnostic evaluation is to exclude malignancy. Transvaginal ultrasonography remains the gold standard for evaluation of adnexal masses.

The management of the adnexal masses varies according to age at presentation, whether benign or malignant, acute emergency or chronic presentation.

Aim- The study aimed to determine the causes of adnexal masses and correlation of ultrasonographic and histopathologic findings of the adnexal masses.

Methods- This is a retrospective observational study, performed in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, in tertiary care hospital. Operative and demographic details of patients operated for adnexal masses over a period of one year was obtained from case records of patient.

Results- Among 90 cases studied, 86.66%(78) cases of adnexal masses was of ovarian origin followed by 11.66%(7) was of tubal origin.

Among 90 cases of adnexal masses, 91.11%(82) cases were benign , 4.44%(4) were of borderline and malignant.

Most common ovarian cause of adnexal mass was endometriotic cyst(22.22%) followed by serous cyst adenoma(20%) The highest sensitivity was found for follicular cyst (87.5%) followed by dermoid and serous cyst adenoma (83.33%).

Malignancy was found in 8 cases among which 6 were correctly reported by USG resulting in sensitivity of 75%.

Conclusion- It was concluded from the current study findings that sonography was primary modality and best screening tool for evaluation of pelvic masses. Ultrasound has high sensitivity for correctly diagnosing benign versus malignant pelvic lesions. Sonography was observed to be best modality to differentiate between solid and cystic pelvic masses.

Keywords: sonography, assesment of role of sonography

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