Innovative Healthcare Digital Transformations During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

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Jijo Paul, Ph.D., M.Phil., E.MBA, M.S.


Objective: Almost all countries have faced enormous financial, economic, operational, and clinical pressure since the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic raised numerous challenges in healthcare services/ businesses. The United States adopted various healthcare strategies and applied them successfully to reduce pandemic mortality rates in the last couple of years. This article focused on various innovative digital transformation strategies used in healthcare businesses/ services, including the role of digitization, digital transformative technologies, and different communication methods to overcome pandemic and post-pandemic periods.

Methods: This study systematically reviewed articles on the early pandemic, the pandemic, and post-pandemic periods, and the related literature was collected using MEDLINE, Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), and medRxiv platforms with appropriate search terms. Articles are categorized based on the title, journal, and publication date. Most of the articles were classified based on the kinds of digital technologies used.

Results: Many countries have used various digital platforms and technologies to manage numerous issues caused by the pandemic. The organizations' healthcare managers mostly use electronic media to communicate with co-workers and patients. A swift shift in business strategies is required during and after the pandemic; customers are seriously considering a stress-free consumer experience through trusted organizations. The demand for innovation in healthcare has dramatically increased, using advanced technology implementations that raise healthcare businesses to a new horizon with digitalization and a consumer-friendly atmosphere; moreover, it supports branding and organizational reputation in the healthcare field.

Conclusion: Many businesses have adopted digital technologies to reach customers and improve their experiences since they can enjoy streamlined services, build brands/ credibility, and gain patient loyalty. Digitalization is promising, and several benefits have been identified from using digital healthcare. The government should invest more in public health sectors to promote digitalization since the pandemic-like scenario is unpredictable.

Keywords: Healthcare, digital technologies, innovations, business, crisis

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